Restaurant Covid-19 Package

Bizmend is launching Restaurants COVID-19 Affordable Marketing Package to Provide all basic marketing services to Restaurants which will be necessary during this pandemic to grow Restaurant business. So that restaurants don’t have to spend a large chunk of money in extra marketing services in this Pandemic times.

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Whatsapp Food delivery service

We will convert Whatsapp platform for ordering food directly from restaurants, helping them earn the margins they deserve & in-turn, saving jobs!


Customers will explore the food items that the restaurant has to offer 


Social media optimization

Do You know due to Covid-19 Instagram and Facebook update many features for restaurants like online ordering direct from there platforms, managing customer queries by automation, displaying restaurant menu and many more


We at Bizmend will Optimize your Social media handles with up to date information so that your customers will reach you again without any doubts

Restaurant social media marketing
Restaurant Design

Brand and Menu Designing

A strong, viable branding strategy begins with relevant graphics used for your logo, signage, business cards, menu, and more. These marketing materials affect how customers perceive and recall your brand.

We’ll assemble a brand style guide and cover your printed collateral, online presence, and marketing campaign at a price you can afford. We help you create a brand identity for your restaurant.

We will design your printable menu and digital menu so that anyone can download it just by scanning

Contactless Loyalty Plan

With Bizmend Loyalty Programs, engage & retain your customers with real-time, omnichannel, personalized rewards.

You can completely custom-make your Loyalty plan as per your liking. Give higher rewards to new or app-only customers, create multiple tiers to increase customer life-time value, set a minimum or maximum Salvation amount or just simply give back a certain percentage of points on every order. It also includes other services like

youtube marketing

Google My business Optimization

Google my business page is the first thing to show to your customers when they search you on Google. Hence it extremely important to manage it well as it provides all the information about your restaurants like opening timings, Address, Images, Menu and many more

We at Bizmend will Optimize your Google My Business Page and update all the latest information about your restaurant so that your potential customers can visit you and there will be no misinformation about your restaurant.

Paid Ad campaigns

What is the benefit of doing this when you can’t show this to your target audience.Hence Highlight your restaurant to your target market requires a lot of effort. For Example, SEO and social media are key components. With the help of a paid media strategy, you’ll achieve your business goals.

There is no sense to capture a large audience if you’re targeting the wrong people? Bizmend paid media strategies filter out those people who’ll likely never become customers, and focus on those who actually matter the most

Restaurant social media advertisement
Restaurant Website Design

Restaurant Website

 In today’s world, if you own a restaurant, you should also own a website. As a website gives restaurant owners control over how to portray an image of their restaurant. It also provides its customers with an idea of the atmosphere and the ongoing offerings before even physically visiting the shop.there are many other benefits.

We will Update all the latest information about your Restaurant in your Website

Monthly report

At Bizmend we Provide an extensive report to our clients about their all platforms and activities including customer feedback. So that they can track their progress and marketing activities.

All platform includes

Restaurant Monthly Report

Review Monitoring

It’s common knowledge in the Food & Beverage community that an abominable review can injure any restaurant.

Our online reputation professionals have the tools and expertise needed to monitor guests’ feedback and engage with them in your Listings




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