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An experienced full-service restaurant marketing agency produces a marketing mix that best aligns with business goals, creates a marketing plan, executes and optimizes the plan to realize the intended marketing outcomes. It provides web design, branding and marketing services including SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, mobile/SMS marketing, loyalty rewards programs and paid ads programs.

Restaurants need digital marketing to flourish in a competitive local marketplace. It has become a cajoling factor to its success. Using various digital marketing channels, restaurants can attract new customers, engage with existing customers and drive repeat visits and guest loyalty.

Choosing the right marketing agency for your restaurant begins with understanding your brand and deciding your goals. Once you have your goals known, start your search for a company that specializes for your brand and aligns with your goals. Do not go for a general-purpose agency that serves a broad range of industries. Your due diligence process should include a demo, client list, case studies and referrals.

1. Why do restaurants need social media?

In constituent to an exquisite design, the restaurant website must have the necessary marketing attributes to be functional. The restaurant website should help pull in new customers, engage with customers and help drive business through the doors. We build functional restaurant websites that have all the must-have features.

3. What does a restaurant website have?

Marketpress is the leading Business to Consumer e-commerce site. It is an online retail that enables anyone from anywhere in Bangladesh and from around the world to purchase different items/products through online.

5. Do you provide monthly reports?

You’ll receive an individualized email from us each and every month where we provide what we call a Local Productivity Report.  This report will show you valuable data points that are actually essential to your business

2.How do I market my restaurant on social media?

To effectively market your restaurant on social media, you need to first create a social media marketing plan that includes setting your restaurant on a platform that makes the most sense for your concept and demographics. Next is building an audience through organic methods or pay-per-click. Once you have a good sized audience, consistent posting of relevant content and regular engagement with diners is the key to social media prosperity.

4. What is Local SEO?

 Local SEO refers to your business rankings in Google Maps. map apps, and other local search vehicles such as voice search.

6. Do you have long term contracts?

We have two pricing / subscription models: Monthly & Annual. If you chose the Annual option, then you are agreeing to a 1 year commitment; however, with the Annual option you get 1 year for the price of 10 months… so you get 2 months free with Annual.

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