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Why Local Search Matters?

Nowadays , most people search online for new restaurants and places to eat. If you’re looking to reach new customers, increase reservations, or get more private dining and events leads, SEO can help you.

The stats show 90% of people searching on Google for a restaurant will go out to eat within the next 1 to 24 hours.  Are you on the top of their search results?

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What Bizmend Do?

Citation Building - Local Search Optimization begins with citation building. The more citations your restaurant has, the higher it will rank on local search. We’ll send it to the top search engines, leading car navigation systems, and local online directories reaching millions of consumers.

Local Directory Listing Management - Having accurate and consistent citations helps to make sure that the right customers find your business.We manage and optimize your business listing. We ensure the accuracy of your listing and improve your online visibility.

Review Monitoring

It’s common knowledge in the Food & Beverage community that an abominable review can injure any restaurant.

Our online reputation professionals have the tools and expertise needed to monitor guests’ feedback and engage with them in your Listings




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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

What is Local SEO ?

Local SEO refers to your business rankings in Google Maps. map apps, and other local search vehicles such as voice search.

Do you have long term contracts ?

We have two pricing / subscription models: Monthly & Annual. If you chose the Annual option, then you are agreeing to a 1 year commitment; however, with the Annual option you get 1 year for the price of 10 months… so you get 2 months free with Annual.

Do you provide monthly reports ?

you’ll receive an individualized email from us each and every month where we provide what we call a Local Productivity Report.  This report will show you valuable data points that are actually essential to your business such as:

Phone calls

website visits

Direction requests

Total views (impressions) in Google search

Total views (impressions) in Google Maps

How long does it take to see ranking results ?

 It depends on the current level of location authority for your business in Google local search.  Some of our new clients are already ranking in the top 10 local search results when they start, and some are not in the first 100 search results… and some don’t even have a GMB listing.  But regardless of your start point, we typically see 80% or more of your gains within the first 60 – 90 days months. The remaining 20% of your gains (i.e. getting into the top 3 or even #1 in Google local) will depend on the population density and how competitive your market is.

Do you offer money back guarantees ?

 No, we do not offer money back guarantees nor do we offer any guarantee on specific rankings for your business. For example, you’ll never hear us say “I guarantee we’ll get your ranked #1 in Google local.” And if you ever hear an SEO agency say that, I recommend running away as fast as you can!