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Social Media Management

At Bizmend, our social media services go beyond just posting a picture and a hashtag. It includes engaging and creating original content that reflects your restaurant’s philosophy, concept and food. Your social media channels become more than just automated posts, since our team members are on top of everything, including replying to comments, questions and even complaints on a daily basis.

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Paid Media

When it comes to advertising on Social Media, our strategies include boosting posts to create awareness, banner ads, and retargeting previous website visitors, along with other top paid networks.

 Our campaigns are focused on one goal: Increase your restaurant’s awareness, and drive traffic to your website, to capture their information, and engage with them on other inbound marketing platforms, like automation, email marketing, and more. Social Media is way more than just posting pictures.




Review Monitoring

It’s common knowledge in the Food & Beverage community that an abominable review can damage any restaurant

Our online reputation professionals have the tools and expertise needed to monitor guests’ feedback and engage with them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Why do restaurants need social media? ?

A lot of your customers are spending a lot of their time on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. If you want to reach your diners and engage with them to be on top of their mind when it comes time for dining choices, it is paramount for a restaurant to have a social media presence.

How do I market my restaurant on social media ?

To effectively market your restaurant on social media, you need to first create a social media marketing plan that includes setting your restaurant on a platform that makes the most sense for your concept and demographics. Next is building an audience through organic methods or pay-per-click. Once you have a good sized audience, consistent posting of relevant content and regular engagement with diners is the key to social media prosperity.

How do I market my restaurant on Instagram? ?

The key to marketing your restaurant on Instagram platform is consistency, images and video. You have to consistently post on Instagram. Engage with your followers using images and video of your food, ambiance and events at your restaurant. Find out what is resonating with your customers and share more of that. Invite engagement and sharing. Finally, you can leverage Instagram ads for promoting special offers for your restaurant.

How do I promote my restaurant on Facebook ?

Being impressive in promoting your restaurant on Facebook requires a consistent strategy of sharing content that creates engagement. Find the best time for posting your content to maximize engagement. With organic reach going down, you will need to run Facebook ads to grow your audience first to a level before you can create the engagement.

Which social media platforms should my restaurant be on ?

The top 2 social media platforms a restaurant should be on is Facebook and Instagram (owned by Facebook). Other platforms like Twitter, Snapchat,Tumbler and even TikTok can be considered depending on your concept and demographics.